About the Artist

~Art is my Passion~

I am a Canadian artist whose path in the fine arts has led me to a unique expression of mood and color through acrylic and mixed media. I have explored numerous forms of art: painting in acrylic, watercolor, oils, sculpture and pottery. However, it has been acrylic paints that have captured my interest and dominate my work.

Born in British Columbia, I spent my childhood in the enchantment of the mountains. After moving to Alberta numerous years ago, I find inspiration in the ever-changing landscape of the prairies. Nature, wildlife, flora and fauna are the main subjects that fill my canvases ranging from traditional realism and impressionism to modern abstract and contemporary.

Although I have been painting since childhood, it has only been in recent years that I am able to focus on my love of art full time.

Whether my time is spent in my studio, volunteering art demonstrations at long-term care facilities and schools or teaching art classes to both adults and children, I find nothing more enjoyable and inspiring!

 Let your passion out!
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